Frequently Asked

The Most Frequently Asked

Are dogs permitted in the Gardens?

Dogs on a leash are not permitted in the Gardens, but you are welcome to walk your dog in the parking lot, next to the Lambmowers enclosures, on the road to the mouth of the Mitis River and at the Mitis River Regional Park.

Only small dogs (and cats) carried in a bag or in a dog cart are permitted in the gardens.

Guide dogs and assisted dogs that carry identification are admitted. They must be readily identifiable with a harness, collar or a vest with the logo of the partner organization (for example, Mira) and the owner must carry proof (dogtag) that the dog has received appropriate training.

The person responsible for the dog must collect excrement and dispose it in a bag in a hygienic fashion.

When are the Gardens Open?

To find out when the Gardens are open, go here.

How long does it take to visit the Gardens and the International Garden Festival?

The amount of time it will take you to visit the Gardens varies with the interest and walking speed of each visitor. Most visitors spend between 1 ½ and 3 hours in the Gardens.

Those in a rush can walk the pathways of the Gardens and the International Garden Festival at a fast clip within 1 hour.

Others will wish to spend several hours on site. Remember that in addition to the historic gardens and the contemporary installations of the International Garden Festival, there are indoor and outdoor exhibitions, works of art, shops, dining facilities and picnic spots. The Gardens host many events; you can easily spend your entire day at the Gardens. The Gardens host many events; you can easily spend your entire day at the Gardens.

Do people with reduced mobility have access to the site?

Yes, the pathways are adapted for those with limited mobility.

You can use a wheelchair or motorized wheelchair as well as a scooter or quad bike.

The pathways are covered with compacted gravel, making them relatively easy to navigate. Wheelchair ramps facilitate access to buildings. Automatic door openers are found at the Visitor Centre, the Garden Café and the Great Hall. However, the museum, located on the first floor of Estevan Lodge, is only accessible using a staircase. It is therefore less accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Several wheelchairs are available to visitors free of charge. You are encouraged to call 24 hours in advance to reserve a wheelchair by calling 418 775-2222, extension 221, indicating the day and time of your arrival.

There are accessible washrooms in all of our buildings, Visitor Center, Estevan Lodge and the Great Hall.

Les Jardins de Métis have received the Accessible rating from Kéroul.


How much does it cost to visit the Gardens?

To find out how much it costs to visit the Gardens, go here.

Is there is a discounted price for those 65 or older?

No. Those 65 years of age or older pay the same rate as adults. There are discounted rates for students and young adults. Children 13 and under are admitted free of charge.

For more information on admission prices, click here.

How long are the pathways?

The total length of the pathways through the gardens is 3 km.

Do I need to make a reservation to visit the Jardins de Métis?

No, you can visit the Gardens without a reservation.

When are Free Sundays?

Free Sundays are held on the first Sunday of every month from June to October.

They are available to residents of Quebec (the program is funded by the government of Quebec). Non-Quebec residents will be asked to pay the regular admission fee.

To participate in Free Sundays and speed up your welcome on arrival, you can register online.

To learn more to about our special program on Free Sundays and to register, consult our calendar of events.

Can I visit the Gardens when it is raining?

The Gardens are open every day from June to October, rain or shine.

We have umbrellas in limited quantities available for visitors to allow you to enjoy the Gardens even when it is raining.

The exhibitions in Estevan Lodge and the Great Hall are a great way to spend your time until the rain passes.

Can I celebrate a special event at the Gardens?

Yes. If you wish to celebrate a special event (birthday, anniversary, baptism or other) at the Gardens, please contact us at

If you wish to celebrate your wedding at the Gardens, please contact us at

Is it possible to get transportation to the Gardens via public transit?

Yes. But public transit in the region is limited.

For more information on How to get Here, clik here.

In Bloom

When is the best time to visit the Gardens?

There is no best time to visit the Gardens; they are beautiful year-round. Remember that our blooming cycle is three or more weeks behind that of Montreal or Toronto because of our more Nordic climate.

There are high points in the blooming cycle when our plant collections are at their peak.

In addition to what’s in bloom in the historic gardens, the installations of the International Garden Festival have their own high points. Consult our calendar of events, exhibitions, shops and restaurants to help plan your visit.

When are the Himalayan Blue Poppies in Bloom?

The Himalayan Blue Poppies are in bloom for a month or more, from the middle of June to the end of July. They are generally at their peak during the first two weeks of July.

The blue poppies can be seen in three areas, the Blue Poppy Glade, the bed in the Azalea Garden and the field of blue poppies beyond the Vegetable Garden. Our staff will be pleased to show you where they can be found.

When are the azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom?

Our collection of azaleas and rhododendrons bloom in the early summer, beginning in mid-June. They are usually in bloom until mid-July. The high point of their bloom is at the end of June.

Can I purchase seeds from Les Jardins de Métis?

We carry a selection of seeds for sale from the Garden Shop and from our Online Store. The seeds are selected from among the highlights of the treasures of the Gardens.

For more information, call 418 775-2222, ext. 247.

Can I buy blue poppy seeds or plants from Les Jardins de Métis?

Yes. Seeds are on sale from the Garden Shop. You can also order them through our Online Store.

We also sell live plants in the autumn. You can order plants at any time. They are sent in September after the plants have been divided and when your chance of success in transplanting is treat.

For more information, call 418 775-2222, ext. 247.

Can I order sea lyme grass plants?

You can order sea lyme grass plants from the Garden Shop or from our Online Store. They are available for pickup in June every year. You are encouraged to order in advance. For more information, call 418 775-2222, ext. 247.

We do not sell sea lyme grass seed.

Dining and Accommodation

Are their picnic areas at the Gardens?

Yes. We have several picnic areas. They are near the entrance, adjacent to the Garden Cafe and along the shoreline pathway. Our staff will be pleased to guide you to where they are located.

Where can I eat at the Gardens?

We have several dining options.

At the entrance to the Gardens, the Café-Bistrot Le Bufton is open every day during the summer. It offers sandwiches, salads and soups of the day that you can eat in the light-filled dining area or the outdoor terrace or to takeaway to eat in one of the picnic areas. Reservations are not required to lunch at Le Bufton.

The dining rooms of Villa Estevan Lodge restaurant offers a unique 4-course tasting menu from Tuesday to Saturday (the dining rooms are closed Sunday and Monday). Culinary events are held throughout the year. Reservations are required. Please note that the general admission ticket to the Reford Gardens is mandatory to access the restaurant. For opening hours and to reserve, click here. To join us for one of the culinary events, consult our calendar of events.

The Buvette des Jardins, located in the Garden Cafe building, offers a venue for you to snack or beverage mid-way during your visit or join us for a drink at the end of the day, from 5 to 7. Tasting plates, ice cream bars, organic wines, craft beers in a garden setting. Reservations are not required.

For more information, consult the opening hours and menus here.

Can groups reserve to dine at the Gardens?

Yes. If you wish to reserve for a group, you must make a reservation by calling 418 775-2222, ext. 241, or by sending an e-mail to

Is there accommodation available at the Gardens?

We do not have accommodation at the Gardens during the summer season. Our buildings are reserved for our staff and interns.

From September to May, you can stay at the ERE 132 Eco Home or the Résidence des stagiaires.

What are the possibilities of accommodation near the Jardins de Métis?

There are several motels, auberges, chalets and other rental units within 10 km of the Gardens. Consult the Where to Stay section of our web site.


Can the parking lot accommodate recreational vehicles?

Yes. There are twenty or more parking pads for recreational vehicles, camping cars, motorized vehicles and tour buses. The parking pads are configured to allow vehicles of 45 feet to park in safety.

The parking area for large vehicles is on the south side of the public parking zone; follow the signs when entering the parking area and follow the arrows to the left.

Can I leave my recreational vehicle for the night in the parking lot?

No. Recreational vehicles during the night. Vehicles must leave when the gates close every evening; the gates close at the following hours. Camping is not permitted.

The Mitis River Regional Park, on the west side of the Mitis River is one of several venues in the immediate vicinity that accepts Recreational Vehicles for overnight camping.

Are there charging stations for electric vehicles?

Yes. We have two Level 2 charging stations (FLO network) and one slow Tesla charging station.

Animals and Insects

Are there dangerous animals or insects on the site?

There are no dangerous insects or animals in the gardens. We have no dangerous snakes or spiders.

We do not yet have ticks, but public health officials encourage those visiting parks and forested areas to be vigilant about ticks and to wear socks and trousers whenever possible. To find out the regions of Quebec where the tick is found, go here. To know the precautions to take go here.

If you are allergic to bee or wasp stings, you should bring your epinephrine auto-injector (eg. Epipen).

The Gardens are home to many pollinators, honeybees, native bees, wasps and other insects. They will not bother you … if you do not bother them.

There are bee hives on the property, but they are not in the area frequented by visitors. You can approach them without danger, but you should not get too close or stand in the flyway of the honeybees.

Are there many flies and mosquitoes?

Flies and mosquitoes are part of life in rural regions of Quebec. These insects prefer rivers and lakes and forested areas. You will find fewer in the Gardens than in these areas.

In the event that these insects bother you, you can bring your own bug juice or you can buy Druide products in our Garden Shop.

Note that the high season for bugs and mosquitoes is the month of June; after that their numbers dwindle.