The mission of the Maison d’Ariane is to welcome architects and artists of all artistic and cultural disciplines from here and from abroad for residencies outside of an urban context. Thanks to the natural and built environment the residency will inspire artists to conceive and create unique works, in dialogue with the communities, local organizations and the region. It is located in Métis-sur-Mer, in the Gaspésie tourism region.  It is a laboratory for experimentation and research that stimulates creation and the imagination of the artists it welcomes and brings together. The RBC Residencies program is open to artists 35 years of age and under. The selection of the artists is made by a call for applications. Dialogue and exchange, meetings and sharing are the main drivers that guide the Maison d’Ariane and the artists, communities and organizations it serves. The International Garden Festival is the manager and owner of the facility.