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Gyotaku workshop with Alexis Aubin-Laperrière

Date: July 15, 2022 - 09:00 AM
Place: villa Estevan lodge
Price: 0$

Gyotaku workshop with Alexis Aubin-Laperrière

  Gyotaku workshop with Alexis Aubin-Laperrière, Friday, July 15 at the Villa Estevan. Demonstration from 9 to 11 am, discussion at 4:45 pm. Held on Saturday in case of rain on Friday. Free event with admission to the Jardins de Métis. To register, click here:

  Gyotaku [gyo] : fish, [taku] : print

  The Japanese developed the practice of gyotaku as a way to inventory species, certify fishing stories (trophies), and pay homage to the nurturing sea. The oldest known and preserved fish prints date back to the early 19th century. Founded at the crossroads between art and scientific recordkeeping, this discipline meshes perfectly with my artistic approach. In this spirit, I can’t help thinking about the first time a fisherman saw a fish print. I can related to the person who was curious and motivated enough to appropriate this craft, most likely purely by coincidence: A cuttlefish caught in a net releases its ink, staining the other fish, which leave imprints on the deck of the boat. This view of the origins of gyotaku is what guides me to pursue this spontaneous method.

  Alexis Aubin-Laperrière was born in Chicoutimi in 1987. Established in Montreal since 2005, he undertook university studies there which led him to develop his artistic practice which he now pursues alongside his career as an art teacher.

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