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Launching - RESTORATION by Mark Raynes Roberts

Date: July 8, 2022 - 02:00 PM
Place: Salle Desjardins de la villa Estevan
Price: 0$

Launching - RESTORATION by Mark Raynes Roberts

“The Covid pandemic has changed the world we live in, limiting our interaction with one another and reordering how we communicate as human beings.

The idea for “RESTORATION” grew from my own experiences during the pandemic and recognition of how important nature had become during these extraordinary times. This collection of art works represents two years of creation and showcases landscapes and the familiar rhythms and patterns of life which connect us all.

This has been a time of reflection, and now is a time to restore the human spirit.

When we are with nature we feel renewed and humbled by its magnificence. That is a beautiful paradox…we feel better…because we feel less. It liberates us, and helps us see what is truly important. It helps us heal.”

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