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The Veiled Man

Date: June 11, 2022 - 01:00 PM
Place: Potager
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The Veiled Man

By Maude Leduc Préfontaine and Soliel Perreault

As part of the project Se corrompre of L'ExiL

The literary artists present a retelling of a tale of quest, giant, gardening, life and death, inspired by the world of slam.

From the 12th century to today, between good and evil, there is always a question of perspective. To live is to leave facets of oneself behind, to open oneself up to something else. 


The project Se corrompre 

Three duos of literary artists lend themselves to the game of the corruption of genres. Through the encounter of their respective practices, they alter each other until a new literary event emerges. Experimentation and playfulness will be the order of the day during these three performances/events presented in unusual places. From poetry, to slam, to storytelling, to short stories and novels, will you be able to let yourself be corrupted?

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