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Launching - The Reford Gardens - As Time Goes By...

Date: July 15, 2022 - 05:00 PM
Place: Pavillion d'accueil / Visitor Centre
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Launching - The Reford Gardens - As Time Goes By...

Louise Tanguay invites you to the launch of her mural exhibition The Reford Gardens - As Time Goes By... and the launch of her eponymous book. Event taking place rain or shine, July 15th at 5pm. 

Every year, for more than 20 years, I have been coming to Métis to photograph the gardens. For a while now, I wanted to highlight all these beautiful years of exploration, observation, discoveries, enchantment and pure happiness in this earthly paradise. It was also crucial for me to pay tribute to all those who had allowed me to live these unforgettable moments. Thus was born the idea of creating a mural by arranging more than 500 photographs taken in the Jardins de Métis, to capture their beauty in its ephemeral detail as well as in the harmony of its whole. I entitled it As Time Goes By...

In 2021, the pandemic allowed me to realize this project. With the help of my designer friend Anne Carlyle, we imagined a large mural of 12.2 m wide by 1.2 m high (40 x 4 feet), printed on metal panels installed on the large "screen" fence at the entrance of the site. In this strategic location, it is seen by visitors as they enter and exit the gardens. It sharpens their gaze before the visit, then prolongs the pleasure in a different way when they leave. 

Under this patient and attentive gaze, the gardens reveal a multitude of nuances and a thousand secrets that cannot be grasped during a walk. From the smallest insect to the most grandiose installations of the International Garden Festival, the work concentrates a whole palette of experiences that one never tires of exploring, over time and in all the colors of the color wheel.  

To achieve this result, I started from the 35,000 images I took in Métis during my many visits there. After several successive sortings, I kept about 500 photographs that compose the mural and are all reproduced in the bookThe Reford Gardens - As Time Goes By...

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