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Musical picnics

Musical Picnics

Date: August 21, 2022 - 11:30 AM
Place: Arboretum
Price: 0$

Musical Picnics

Every Sunday from July 3 to August 21, from 11:30 AM to noon and a quarter and from 1 PM to 1:45 PM, the Conservatoire de musique de Rimouski will hold its musical picnics at the arboretum near the Villa Estevan. These picnics are open to all, no reservation is required! You are free to bring your chair, your blanket and even your lunch.

July 3: the Primavera trio, consisting of Émilie Ross (voice), Alice Saint-Laurent (double bass) and Laurie-Emeraude Cimon (piano) 

July 10: Mathieu Bélanger (piano)

July 17: in honor of photographer Louise Tanguay and her mural The Reford Gardens - As Time Goes By, Louise (keyboard, mandolin and guitar) will perform alongside Gilbert Troutet (voice), Bertrand Crépeault (piano, violin, guitar) and Normand Glaude (double bass, harmonica)

July 24: the Salicorne trio, consisting of Robin Servant (accordion), Patricia Ho-Yi-Wang (violin) and Sabrina Bergeron (violin)

July 31: Alexis Guimond (guitar) and Justin Lévesque (guitar)

August 7: Guy Bernier (sitar) and Justin Lévesque (tablas)

August 14: Jazz and Dixie music, by Alain Baril (saxophone) and Lino Belanger (guitar)

August 21: Gabriel Dionne (tablas) and Sébastien Bachand (double bass)

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