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LAUNCH | Light and Fog and Studiolo. Looking at our Collections

Date: June 16, 2024 - 02:00 PM
Place: Villa Estevan
Price: 26.44$

LAUNCH | Light and Fog and Studiolo. Looking at our Collections


Anna Lois Harrington (1851-1917), watercolourist

Ewa Monika Zebrowski, photographer and poet

Anna Lois Dawson Harrington is at the heart of an exhibition of watercolours and photographs on view at Les Jardins de Métis this summer. The moment is right to discover the story and personality of this exceptional woman who painted the surrounding landscapes for more than forty years. Resident of Montreal, she lived in this magnificent region during the summer season with her parents and family who left their mark on Metis.

The photographs of Ewa Monika Zebrowski are inspired by the same places that Anna Lois frequented. They amplify the intemporal aspect of the watercolours. From this encounter emerges an affinity with the atmosphere and with nature. The light of the seashore, in the delicately coloured brushstrokes of Anna Lois, combine with the fog of the seashore captured by Ewa Monika Zebrowski. The light and the fog: two elements that pay homage to the meditative beauty of the landscapes of Metis.

This exhibition has been created by Les Jardins de Métis in collaboration with the McCord Stewart Museum 

Curator: Hélène Samson 

Project manager: Marjelaine Sylvestre 

Research: Nathalie Houle 

Exhibition Design: Mélanie Crespin 

Graphic Design: Francine Savard, Mathieu Martin 


Studiolo. Looking at our Collections

Les Jardins de Métis began the process of digitizing our plant and museum collections more than a year ago. The process requires each object to be identified, documented and photographed. It has led to many discoveries. From one day to the next, it is a privileged moment to handle and observe the heritage of those who made this historic site what it is today.

Preservation and transmission are at the heart of our work. The teams who work at the gardens recognize that each of the objects has a role to play: they generate questions in the present that open doors to the past as we construct our future.

The exhibition Studiolo Regards sur les collections presents a selection of the more than 2,500 objects in our collections and archives in the form of a cabinet of curiosities. Artist and art restorer, Mathieu Pennaroya, complement the work brought to him by our teams. He brings an approach more than ludique which is impregnated by his awareness of heritage, to demonstrate how collections also inspire creativity.


Artist: Mathieu Penarroya

Photographer: Sophie Jean

Research and installation: Les Amis des Jardins de Métis

Exhibition Design: Philippe Denis, Marjelaine Sylvestre and Gisèle Villacorta-Murcia

Graphic Design: Eve St-Martin


*Free activity with the purchase of daily access to the Reford Gardens (purchase must be completed at registration). Members of the Amis des Jardins de Métis must present their valid membership card at the entrance to the site.

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