A New Book about the Reford Gardens


Grand-Métis, June 20, 2022 – Les Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens is pleased to announce the publication of a new book by photographer Louise Tanguay. Published by Flammarion Québec, Reford Gardens As Time Goes By has just arrived in our bookshop. It is also available via our on-line bookshop. A selection of greeting cards and a 2023 calendar of photographs selected from the book are also available for purchase.

See the book in our online shop:

Published in separate English and French-language editions, As Time Goes By is generously illustrated with more than 500 photographs taken by Louise Tanguay of the gardens, plants and installations of twenty editions of the International Garden Festival. Note the English-language version is a limited-edition publication; the only place to purchase your copy is from the bookshop at Les Jardins de Métis! You can order online or call the boutique at (418) 775-2221, 247

The book has heft (at 320 pages) and is very affordable (at $39.99). It has a generous format and double-page spreads and is beautifully printed. It has been immaculately curated by its author, designer, and photographer – Louise Tanguay. In addition to a short preface by Alexander Reford, it includes the poetic descriptions left by Elsie Reford, carefully selected from her garden diaries and articles, with a smattering of vintage archival photos to provide context and contrast to the vibrant colors found on every other page. 

As Time Goes By is a companion to a large-scale work of art, a 40 foot x 4 foot mural entitled As Time Goes By – the largest work of art ever installed at the gardens, that will greet visitors as they arrive. Affixed to the interpretation screen at the entrance, it is composed of more than 500 images taken by Louise Tanguay over two decades. The book is thus a perfect memento of our celebrations of Elsie Reford’s 150th birthday in 2022.

As Time Goes By will be inaugurated on Friday, July 15 in the presence of artist Louise Tanguay. Louise will be artist in residence at the Pointe Mitis lighthouse in nearby Métis-sur-Mer. She will be performing at the musical picnic at Les Jardins de Métis on Sunday, July 17, illustrating her other talent, as a musician who brought music to the Francophone communities of Northern Ontario for decades.

To learn more about Louise and her twenty-year collaboration with Les Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens, read the article written by Alexander Reford on Louise, our Earth Day hero: