Reford Gardens Unveil a New Work of Art by Fernande Forest

Reford Gardens (Les Jardins de Métis) will unveil a new work of art by artist Fernande Forest at Estevan Lodge on Friday August 21st at 4 pm. Entitled, Pour mémoire, this work will became part of the fabric of Estevan Lodge as it is built into the windows of this historic building.

This memorial work is a tribute to the men and women who worked at the Gardens over the past 120 years. More than 200 names are engraved on four glass panels, interwoven with plant forms that represent their contribution to the creation of the gardens and grounds. 

Fernande Forest was born in Bonaventure in Québec’s Gaspé Peninsula. She has lived and worked in Rimouski for the past 20 years. Her professional work is divided between graphic design and the visual arts. She has had a number of individual and group exhibitions in the region and elsewhere in Quebec and Europe. She has also participated in several symposia where she has built in situ works in the Gaspésie, Lower St. Lawrence and New Brunswick. Since 2005, she has created seven works in Québec as part of the Politique d’intégration des arts à l’architecture. She recently unveiled a new work as part of the annual Jardins sur la baie de la Pointe Taylor in New Richmond, Québec. She is an active member of the artist-run centre, Vaste et Vague in Carleton and is in her third mandate as president of the board. Her artistic vision is to seek a dialogue between nature and art, and nature and humankind. She brings together various disciplines with her approach which is poetic, sensitive and respectful of living forms.

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